Just how to borrow British Museum objects. Purse lid through the ship-burial at Sutton Hoo

Just how to borrow British Museum objects. Purse lid through the ship-burial at Sutton Hoo

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    The British Museum thinks for making its collections acquireable.

    The Museum lends huge number of things each year, causing a huge selection of various exhibitions and shows at venues in britain and all over the world.

    The British Museum welcomes needs to provide products through the collection to exhibitions or shows which can be ready to accept the average man or woman and contribute to knowledge and comprehension of their subject.

    The Loans Policy provides information that is further broad axioms regulating loans through the collection.

    Making your demand

    Preparing your loan demand

    Prospective borrowers are encouraged to execute research that is preliminary making financing demand.

    A reference for preparing that loan demand is the Collections online database gives information on more than two million products from the British Museum collection.

    The Museum welcomes informal, very very early contact to go over item selection as well as the practicalities of borrowing. Please contact either the Loans part, loans or perhaps the relevant curatorial division.

    For large needs, it is strongly suggested which you talk about the loan aided by the Museum before publishing the request that is formal.

    We have been currently undertaking a significant item move task to vacate our collection shop at Blythe House, Olympia, that is planned become completed by summer time 2024. From 2020 to the end of the project, we will not be able to lend collection material located at Blythe House january. You wish to request are affected, please email loans if you have any queries about this or wish to know whether the objects

    Information relating to your demand

  • Event or display name title loans Nebraska, venue(s), and opening and closing dates
  • Information on primary exhibition or display themes
  • Complete details of those items required for loan, including British Museum registration number(s)
  • Description of the way the required items match a proposed display context or event concept
  • Names and contact information associated with person(s) responsible at each place
  • Information on exactly how the requested things will be insured or indemnified
  • Publishing your loan that is formal demand

    Loan demands ought to be created by formal page a minumum of one year prior to the event or display opening date. Letters should always be addressed to:

    Dr Hartwig Fischer, Director British Museum London WC1B 3DG UK

    Formal letters must be posted into the target above, or emailed to directorate

    Exactly just How loans are agreed

    How loans are agreed

    That loan request are going to be evaluated and a determination are going to be made in relation to advice through the conservation and curatorial divisions.

    Relevance of this required object(s) into the exhibition/display

    Object(s) suitability for display and travel

    Administrative and technical work involved, into the context regarding the Museum’s existing programme of activity

    Potential borrowers should receive a reply within 90 days of this formal demand being submitted.

    Safety and facilities paperwork

    Protection and facilities documents

    Prior to the loan agreement is signed, the debtor will likely be expected to perform Standard Facilities states which will give you crucial information linked with location, access, protection, environmental and display conditions.

    Security information is likely to be forwarded to the UK nationwide Museums Safety Adviser who’ll be asked to offer a separate evaluation for the security arrangements at potential borrowing venue(s). Ideally the facilities report finished by the debtor must be the British Registrars’ Group Facilities Report, using the Security Supplement and Display health Supplement (please be aware that a UK Registrars Group account is required to access these documents).

    After the loan is agreed, the British Museum will give you information on particular safety, ecological and mounting requirements for each item being borrowed. Photography for catalogue along with other acquisitions could be arranged aided by the Museum’s Picture Library, BM graphics.

    Loan expenses

    Loan expenses

    The British Museum expects borrowers to pay for all costs that are direct utilizing the loan, such as for example:

  • Transport and courier costs
  • Crating and packing materials
  • Insurance or protect through a nationwide indemnity scheme
  • Condition photography
  • International borrowers can also be expected to donate to the expenses of planning the things for loan, including administration, technical and important conservation work.